Sworn translator, Munich


Publicly appointed + sworn translator


Karin Körner

Baaderstr. 40

80469 München


Tel.: +49 89 624203-80

Fax: +49 89 624203-84

Mobil: +49 174 3161464

E-Mail: post@kk-translations.de


Your translated texts should sound completely authentic. This is why
KKTRANSLATIONS works with professional and certified specialist translators –
all of them native speakers. This practice preserves the characteristic features of the target language. Likewise, we only work with translators who can demonstrate the highest levels of competence regarding the terminology of the subjects they are working on. Every translation is painstakingly proofread and double-checked by a second expert for accuracy of spelling, style, grammar, content, terminology etc.


This editorial diligence, along with absolute discretion and the timely completion of orders, is an integral principle of KK-Translations.

Certified translations
of official documents

e.g. birth certificates,
driving licenses,
school certificates,
diplomas etc.

Equestrian sports:
Breeding and horesekeeping,
Website translations,
Equestrian sports events,
Equestrian sports industry,
Equine health.

Trade and industry:
Medical technology, semiconductor technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications, optics, automotive engineering, user manuals etc.

Patent translations:
patent specifications, official communications, oppositions, license agreements, legal texts,
written appeals, license agreements,
court judgments etc.




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